Helpers Mug

Helpers Mug

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An adaptation of Rose O’neill’s Kewpie illustrationsRose O’Neill was truly an inspiring illustrator and artist. In 1909 Rose O'Neill created kewpies and became the first published female cartoonist in the United States. She was for a time the highest-paid female illustrator in the world upon the success of the Kewpie dolls (- WHICH IS HUGE hello!!! successful femme in a male dominated industry). Rose O'Neill could've just continued to make kewpie comics and gone about her life but she used kewpies to promote women's rights and was active in the women's suffrage movement. I look up to Rose so much for bringing to the world a NON BINARY icon of selflessness, kindness and love with a strong political background and for being such a strong femme who stayed true to herself through and through despite probably a lot of bunk from other people in the biz. She described them as "a sort of little round fairy whose one ideal is to teach people to be merry and kind at the same time" c'mon how perfect! I honor her work in any kewpie adaptation and love to spread her message of love and empathy.

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy


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