2021 stickies!

2021 stickies!

These stickers are the perfect tattoos for your things!

weatherproof and uv proof!
awesome on bikes, cars, water bottles or Laptops!


*buy 3 get 1 free! Use code BLEEP

*buy 6 use code BLEEEP (3E'S)

*buy 9 use code BLEEEEP (4E'S)


please choose the sticker you want by matching the list below with the pictures shown~

6- Beary Balloons (1.92x3")

7- gLitched OUT! (2.9x2.5")

8- cLammy PearLson (2.34x2.5")

9- ChEEsE 4 PeoPLe (2.98x3" //proceeds donated to local food groups)

10- BurgieLicious Fresh (2.94x3")

11- pLanet bLeeeep! (3x3")


  • Pretty Please!

    Do not use my artwork without consent

    X Tattoos (unless than by me, then please hit me up!!

    X resell (contact me instead! :-D)

    If you'd like to work with me please hit me up!

    consent is key consent is cool*~